We’re thrilled to now be stocking Body Power’s brand new range of home strength products! Exclusively at Fitness Superstore, this selection of new machines features all your home gym favourites at affordable price points without compromising on functionality. Don’t believe us? Here’s why we’re so excited…



Virtually Endless Workout Possibilities

Introducing the Body Power Multi-Station Leverage Gym. Sure, it can look fairly intimidating, but break it down and it’s just three separate workout stations that both fitness beginners and avid gym-goers can feel comfortable on. Whether you’re training by yourself, or with two friends simultaneously, this gym can accommodate anything you’re willing to throw at it.

Thick pads and grippy handles ensure comfort is no issue, letting you focus wholly on form and movement, while easy adjustability lets you maximise the machine’s potential.

After your traditional heavy press movements? No problem. Want to smash a new squat PB? Just step into the squat station. Arms, legs, back, chest… whatever you want to train, you can on the Multi-Station Leverage Gym.



Small Design, Huge Potential

Want a lever system that’s a little more personal? Look no further than the Body Power Leverage Gym. Able to fit neatly into the corner of a room without hindering access, it boasts a relatively small footprint that’s ideal for most home gym setups.

Its arms can be raised or lowered to one of 11 positions, each perfect for specific movements, and can be moved together or released for independent movement to target certain muscles. There’s a lat pulldown and low row station included too, so you can train those extra muscle groups that can’t be hit by the isolateral arms. Pair this with a bench and you’ve got everything you need to pack on muscle!



Smooth Motion

Incredibly smooth in operation, the Body Power Smith Half Rack lets you perform all your classic strength exercises – such as presses, squats and rows, all in the comfort of your own home, and without the need for a spotter. Packed with features and loaded with attachments, the Smith Half Rack is a must-have for those serious about their weight training!

A knurled bar provides a secure grip throughout your workout, with red quick-lock collars keeping your weight plates safely on the bar, and 12 positions to rack your weights.

Safety spotters and j-hooks (with a textured rubber surface) are also included for when you want to use a traditional barbell safely. Plus, you can incorporate pullups and dips into your routine thanks to the integrated chinning bar and dip handles.



Pro Home Workouts

Stylish, smart and space-efficient, the Body Power Pro Home Gym is ideal for full-body workouts. A shrouded 90kg weight stack offers all the resistance you could need for progressive training, with chest, arm, back and leg stations letting you utilise that weight.

The seated chest station features numerous handles to choose from, letting you target specific areas of the muscle group. This includes nylon grips on adjustable side arms, and standard grips at different heights on the press arms. A low row station comes complete with a straight bar and footplate, perfect for rows and curls to build your back, arms and legs.

Durable padding covers all surfaces, including the rollers on the leg developer, ensuring comfort throughout every movement, and the Pro Home Gym is finished with red accents for a professional aesthetic.



Benches Aplenty

No serious weightlifter’s home gym is complete without a bench. Luckily, this new Body Power range offers plenty to choose from. Whether you just need a flat bench for your basic strength movements, a sit-up bench for body-weight exercises, or a fully adjustable utility bench for more advanced routines, we’ve got you covered.



See the full range here, or visit us at your nearest Fitness Superstore to speak to our experts and try the products for yourself!