We’ve featured some guest blogs from our staff in the past, such as bodybuilder Olu from our South London store and marathon-runner Heather, so we thought it was time we heard from a few more of our fitness-loving staff members. We had a chat with Rory Sheen, our Leeds store manager to find out more about him and what his fitness regime looks like.
Have you always been into fitness? What inspired you?
Not until I was 18. A friend, who I used to work with behind a bar, inspired me. He challenged me to be able to squat as much as he could in a year’s time. He had been training for years prior. I did it! :-)
Do you have any fitness qualifications?
Yes, I’m a fully qualified Personal Trainer Level 3.
Have you ever taken part in any fitness events?
I completed the London Marathon in 2009 and competed in the ‘Toughest’ in Essex in 2016. This is an 8 mile race with 40 obstacles.
Why do you train, and how often do you train?
I train because it makes me feel good and healthy. I vary my training between 3-5 times a week.
Do you have any specific training goals?
When I want to lose weight, I set a goal and won’t quit until I reach it. It’s the same for when I want to bulk.
What’s your favourite exercise?
Skull Crush. This is a brilliant triceps exercise, that really helps to get those triceps strong and bigger. I use free weights for this.
What’s your post-workout snack?
For me, it’s a pint of Guinness.
Name your ultimate guilty-pleasure food.
Cheese. Cheese goes with everything.
Do you have equipment at home?
I have the Body Power Rubber Hex Dumbbells at home.
Tell us a surprising fact about yourself.
The only continent I haven’t been to is Antarctica. I have spent more years abroad than in the UK since turning 16.
What’s your favourite way to chill out?
On the sofa with my dog.
If you were to release a fitness DVD, what would it be called?
Get off your butt.
Who’s your fitness idol?
Me! Haha…