NEW! Bowflex MAX Trainer: The ultimate 14-Minute Total Body Workout

Looking for great total-body results but struggling to find the time to train? Look no further than the revolutionary new MAX Trainer from the creative minds at Bowflex.

Bowflex MAX Trainer

After years of research and development, these geniuses have combined the power of ellipticals and steppers to create a one-of-a-kind machine that delivers max results in just 14 minutes. And it makes you actually WANT to get on and train. We’ve got one here in the Northampton showroom and we’re already queueing up for a go!

Blitz 2.5 times more calories

It’s no surprise to us that the MAX Trainer has created such a buzz over in the US. Stylish and compact, it looks pretty cool and simply screams “jump on”. And once you are on, it’s pretty addictive – you WANT to work out and get your body moving.

Bowflex MAX Trainer Red Dot AwardWhy? Because it’s a fun, motivational machine that provides you with not just quick results, but MAX results. Blitzing 2.5 times more calories than any other cardio machine and engaging 80% more upper body muscles, you get the same results you’d get in 35-45 minutes on a treadmill in just 14! We know that feeling motivated can be a struggle. The beauty of 14 minutes is just that – it’s 14 minutes. Just 14 minutes of motivation. We can all do that, right?

The power of intervals

There are two models – the Max Trainer M5 and the Max Trainer M3 – and both feature the innovative 14-minute MAX Interval™ Workout. Intervals are proven to scorch more calories than steady pace exercise, such as running at a steady speed on a treadmill. Basically, what it does is get your heart rate right up for short bursts and then you have recovery time before getting your heart rate right up again. Not only is it incredibly effective, but it’s far more motivating than a steady slog on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Plus, it gets your body working hard enough to get the afterburn effect. Tricking your body so that it doesn’t realise you’ve completed your workout, you continue to burn calories long after you’ve stepped off the machine. You can keep burning calories for up to 48 hours!

Why we love MAX

  • The 14-minute MAX Interval™ Workout – No time? No problem. Just 14 minutes long, this high energy workout provides all the benefits of a much longer cardio workout. Increased endurance, improved fitness and MAX calorie scorching!
  • Burns 2.5x more calories every minute – Compared with treadmills, steppers and ellipticals used at the same intensity and speed, you can burn 600 calories+ in just 30 minutes.
  • Motivational Burn Rate – We love this feature. MAX’s unique BURN RATE display puts you in control, showing you exactly how many calories you’re burning every minute and setting activity level targets throughout your workout. You have to work hard to push yourself into the red zone on the console. It’s a fantastic motivator.
    Max Trainer burn rate

    The motivational BURN RATE sets targets and challenges you to stay in the red zone.

  • Full body engagement – It activates more core and lower body muscles than any other machine and it’s a massive 80% more effective on the upper body. That’s what we call total body training!
  • The Afterburn Effect – Whether it’s heading for the sofa for a well-deserved TV binge of your favourite boxset, or time to get back to the day job, your body continues to scorch those calories long after you’ve stepped off the MAX, for up to an amazing 48 hours!
  • Virtually no impact
    We all know that constant impact is a friend to no body. Jarring and putting pressure on your joints, impact can cause both short and long term injury. The MAX Trainer is 200% better on your joints than a treadmill, so you protect your body and therefore improve your longevity and performance in the long run.
  • Compact – The MAX is simply made for working out at home. A fraction of the size of bulky treadmills and ellipticals, the MAX fits pretty much anywhere.

MAX Trainer benefits

The MAX Trainer is available from mid-August at Fitness Superstore. Buy online or visit us in-store to check it out for yourself. The MAX Trainer will be available to try out at all stores, excluding Chester.

“The MAX Trainer M5 is just perfect when I don’t feel like my regular form of activity. It isn’t a dreadmill or an extra clothes rack. Kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears….the MAX Trainer M5 is just right.” – Brooke Birmingham, Fitness Blogger on the M5 MAX Trainer.

Find out more about the Bowflex MAX Trainer or check out the video below.



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