Low impact training is an extremely underrated way of exercising. Not only is it ideal for reducing the risk of injury by lessening the impact on your joints, therefore being ideal for those who’re recovering from injury – but if you’re used to putting your joints through a pounding workout, then opting for low impact now and then also gives the body a chance to take a bit of a break. Wondering what equipment you can incorporate into your low impact workout? Here are a few of our favourites…
Max Trainers
You can’t go wrong with a Max Trainer. They are an investment, but the M3, M5 and brand new M7 Max Trainers are all-rounders which offer the ultimate high intensity, low impact workout – so you’re completely sorted with just one piece of kit. How does it work? Similar to the movement of a stepper, the trio of Max Trainers feature the world renowned MAX Interval™ workout to push you to your maximum in 7, 14 or 21 minutes – depending on the model you choose.
Steppers work in the same was as the Max Trainers, with no impact and plenty of room for resistance progression. A good exmaple would be the Cardio HIIT Elliptical Stepper, which offers a broad range of resistance to allow you to climb a mountain from the comfort of your own living room – if that’s your thing! With no direct impact taking its toll on your feet or legs, this machine is a top contender when it comes to low-impact training.  
Zero Runner
If you’re into your running but concerned about injury, check out the Zero Runner. Why? The clue is in the name really! The unique design of the ZR7 and ZR8 means you can run for miles and miles without making contact with any platform at all. It feel as though you’re running on air, however the clever resistance mechanism means you can up the intensity just as you would on a treadmill.
Rowing Machines
Sticking with the cardio theme, why not give rowing a go? Our Fluid Rowers are the perfect at-home, low impact workout option, working a huge range of muscles without damaging your joints. The water tank means that you can create your own resistance alongside manual resistance, so you can get an awful lot out of even a quick session.
Indoor Cycles
If none of those options take your fancy, why not try cycling? We have a huge range of at-home Upright, Recumbent and Racer Bikes which again offer absolutely minimal impact. They work your entire body and the resistance and speed options provide you with limitless training opportunities, suiting both a beginner and advanced cyclist. Why not get into the spirit of Tour de France 2017 and check out our TDF Pro 5.0 Bike?
Resistance Bands
If you want to take the functional training route, Resistance Bands are an excellent option. Depending on what you want from your workout, you can opt for a more robust band such as our Body Power Powabandz, or alternatively our Set of 4 Mini Bands – which are great for taking with you on the go for an ‘anywhere’ training session. Use these bands for your entire body and experience zero impact, stretching, toning and building your muscles as you go.
Suspension Trainers
Similarly to Resistance Bands, Suspension Trainers are widely used as they provide you with the ultimate full body, low impact session. You really can do just about anything with these handy kits. The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT Suspension Training System is a popular choice as it enables you to work out in a way that suits you, without being limited to a certain space.
Yoga and Pilates
Last but not least, if you’re looking for something really low impact, consider getting yourself a good set-up of Yoga and Pilates equipment. Even products as simple as Fitness Mats and Gym Balls are key items which open your training up to a whole host of flexible and strengthening floor-based workouts. As you can see – low impact training really is easier than ever, with a huge range of tools available to suit both the cardio and strength training enthusiast. Not sure what to go for? Why not pop in-store or get in touch with our helpful advisors!