Chantelle Cameron
Chantelle Cameron, undisputed world boxing champion and Body Power ProTeam member

Meet Chantelle Cameron; world boxing champion and first member of the new Body Power ProTeam. We welcomed Chantelle to Fitness Superstore HQ last week for a photoshoot to kick-off this exciting partnership and got the chance to sit down and ask her a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Born in 1991, Chantelle was introduced to combat sports at an early age. When asked what initially got her in to boxing, Chantelle credits Buffy the Vampire Slayer as her influence, “I got in to boxing because I used to love martial arts and watching Buffy on the TV. I started with kickboxing initially, then transitioned to boxing because I thought I could make a career of it”.

If she hadn’t picked up the boxing gloves though, Chantelle’s alternative career path would have offered a significant change of pace, “If I wasn’t a boxer, I’d like to think I’d have gone to university, gotten a degree and become a school teacher”.

Chantelle’s no stranger to big occasions. Her last bout won her the title of undisputed super lightweight champion, a fight that saw her defeat defending titleholder Katie Taylor in Taylor’s home country of Ireland. We asked if she’s ever affected by nerves before an important fight. “Yeah I always get nervous”, Chantelle says, “I always thought that with experience the nerves would just go, but they never do. I embrace the nerves, and tell myself that if I wasn’t nervous, I wouldn’t want it as much as I do”.

Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Striketube Pro XL
Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Striketube Pro XL

Chantelle goes on to list some of her pre-fight rituals, “I always have a long shower and a big pamper, just so I feel good when I’m in the ring”. Her superstitions revolve around her gear, “I always wear black gloves … and I always wear the same boxing boots. I can’t seem to replace them, and the fact that I’m undefeated, it means I’ve got these little things now that I can’t let go of”.

Chantelle recalls her fight against Katie Taylor as the proudest moment in her career so far, “Everyone doubted me, and I went to her home country and spoilt the party”. The rematch is scheduled for November 25th, again in Dublin. “It’s going to be a tough fight and another big challenge for me” she says, “I’ve been there and done it, and I’m going to go there this time, put on a better show, and bring my belts back home to Northampton”.

When asked which sportsperson has inspired her the most, Chantelle picks a surprising name. “To be honest it’s Katie Taylor. Even though she should be my rival, I’ve always been a fan of her and she inspired me to achieve what I have achieved”.

“I think she’s a great athlete”, Chantelle adds, “a great ambassador for women’s boxing, but I just happen to be the one that keeps beating her”.

Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Deluxe Folding Power Rack
Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Deluxe Folding Power Rack

The conversation turns to Chantelle’s training, and how she’s preparing for her upcoming fight. An average day for Chantelle involves “Training two times a day. Every day is boxing, but my second session is mixed between running or weight training”. Every workout is different for Chantelle though, “I could spar on one day, I could do sprints on another day, a long run on another day, doing technical days and hard days”.

We asked what equipment Chantelle likes to use during her training, other than a punch bag, “My favourite is doing pad work … I love a bike because it’s quite relaxing as well, so I can just chill, put something on Netflix and pedal away. I love running because I find it therapeutic. I enjoy going to the gym just doing weights as well because it’s not boxing and I’m not getting punched, but I am getting a burnout”.

“That’s a good question” Chantelle laughs as we ask her to describe her ideal workout playlist. “Dance music, a bit of Ibiza classics, or depending on what mood I’m in, a bit of hip-hop or grime” she continues.

Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Pro Round Rubber Dumbbells
Chantelle Cameron with the Body Power Pro Round Rubber Dumbbells

“Don’t put pressure on yourself” she says when asked what advice she would give to someone thinking of taking up boxing. “If you don’t want to spar, don’t want to get involved in the sparring side and the physical contact, you don’t have to. You can do boxing just like anyone else and enjoy it by hitting bags, hitting pads. Don’t put the pressure on yourself and be forced into anything else”.

Chantelle Cameron is the first member of the Body Power ProTeam, a group of professional athletes and personalities that embody Body Power’s vision. The Body Power product range includes quality strength tools, cardio machines, and functional fitness accessories. Manufactured with simplicity, durability and reliability in mind, Body Power equipment delivers an exceptional full-body workout at an exceptional price point.

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