Your home and commercial gyms are about to level up.

We’ve joined forces with REP, one of the USA’s top gym equipment brands, to bring you their line-up of award-winning power racks, benches, functional training gyms and more.

REP’s story began in Colorado just over a decade ago, when two gym-loving brothers saw the need for quality strength equipment in their community. Fast-forward a few years, and REP have become one of the fast-growing fitness equipment companies in the nation. Fresh from taking the US strength scene by storm, they’ve now decided to expand into the UK.

“Fitness Superstore are proud to exclusively represent this fantastic and innovative brand in the UK”, says Paul Walker, Fitness Superstore Managing Director and Owner.

Ryan McGrotty, co-founder of REP, echoes that. He says Fitness Superstore and REP make a great partnership because both are staffed by real-life fitness enthusiasts and professionals; they both offer a full range of equipment, and they both value creating community and making fitness accessible to all.

“We’re excited to be working with such a strong partner in the UK with Fitness Superstore. We know they will offer a great shopping experience for all our fans in the UK who have been eagerly awaiting the availability of our products,” says McGrotty. “Their broad store footprint will make it convenient for everyone to easily see and test our products before taking them home.”

What are the highlights of the REP range?

PR-4000 and PR-5000 Power Racks

Left: PR-4000 Right: PR-5000 Pro

REP’s standout products, these power racks are as durable, heavy-duty and hard-wearing as they come. Available in both a standard or Pro setup, these racks feature different attachments for an extremely varied strength training session. You can choose the height and colour of your rack too!

REP’s PR-4000 and PR-5000 boast the largest ecosystem of attachments in the industry too, including Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bars, a variety of J-Cups, a Landmine, Dip Bars, Band Pegs, Spotter Arms, Front Foot Extensions and so much more. All compatible attachments will be available for you to select on the product pages.

Ares and Athena Functional Trainer Attachments

Expand the potential of your REP power rack with these functional trainer attachments.

Ares Multi-Functional Trainer

PR-5000 Pro with Ares Multi-Functional Trainer attachment

Offering all the functionality required for heavy cable workouts inside the rack, the Ares Cable Attachment is a fully-integrated functional trainer. The Ares comes with two 260lbs / 118kg weight stacks (with the option to upgrade to 310lbs per stack) that can be used independently or connected as one, plus a lat pulldown and low row station. It features patent-pending trolley designs, more than 30 aluminium pulleys and a selection of cable handle too.

Athena Selectorised Dual Side-Mounted Functional Trainer

PR-5000 Pro with Athena Dual Side-Mounted Functional Trainer

The Athena Functional Trainer has two 170lbs / 77kg weight stacks that are fixed on either side of the PR-4000 or PR-5000. This low-profile cable attachment offers all the versatility of a cable machine without the need to purchase an entire free-standing alternative – perfect for home gyms where space is at a premium.

These REP power racks (plus the benches, functional trainers, barbells, storage options and more) are all available to pre-order now, and will be ready for you to get hands-on with at your nearest Fitness Superstore soon!