Are you Stuck in a Sedentary Lifestyle Rut?

Sit down in your car, sit down at work, sit down at home. Sound familiar? According to the British Heart Foundation, you’re not alone – more than 20 million adults in the UK are physically inactive. This time spent sedentary (inactive for prolonged periods of time) can have adverse effects on your wellbeing and mental state, but there are steps you can take to pull yourself out of this routine.

So how do you combat the sit-down culture?



An easy way to start is to incorporate a few stretches throughout the day. Stretching in the morning not only improves your posture, but gives you fewer aches and pains, increases your blood flow and makes you feel more energised and awake.

Walk Everywhere

Getting your body moving doesn’t necessarily mean breaking a sweat. If you can cycle or walk to work, this can be an excellent way to introduce activity in to your daily routine. Of course, not everyone lives close enough to work for this to be a realistic option, but you can always park a little further away from your destination!

Track Your Steps

Most new phones nowadays come with a pedometer downloaded. Just start this up before you get out of bed and leave it running throughout the day. Make a note of your total in the evening, and try to beat it tomorrow. You’ll find you will be walking miles further as you attempt to beat your goals on a daily basis!

Try a Treadmill Desk

Here at Fitness Superstore, we’re avid advocates of a good work/life balance! Nothing allows you to simultaneously work both your body and your mind as effectively as JK Fitness’s new treadmill desks. Looking just like a standard treadmill, just pop your laptop on the integrated desktop and get to work. With both walking and running modes, it also doubles up as a regular treadmill with a console too. Our bodies aren’t designed to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day, so this is a great way to get moving whilst still getting your work done. Why not go and try one out at your nearest Fitness Superstore?

Start Building a Home Gym

Working out at home is becoming more and more popular. No travel time to gyms or classes, no waiting for equipment, and no one to please but yourself. You can start off small with some free weights, such as a set of dumbbells or kettlebells, and perhaps get yourself a cardio machine of your choice, such as a treadmill or cross trainer. You don’t need a lot, and away you go! Before you know it you’ll be addicted to expanding your fitness collection and you’ll have attained a home gym that’s the envy of your friends and family. Check out our tips for building your home gym!

Exercise with Friends

Rather than spending your evenings sat in front of the telly, how about gathering a group of friends and family to work out with you? Whether it’s running, boxing or utilising the aforementioned home gym you’ve built yourself, social activity will improve not only your physicality, but your mentality also. Your body will thank you for it.

So, ask yourself – are you stuck in a sedentary rut? Give the above tips a go and you can easily introduce some activity into your day-to-day life!

We’re always on the lookout for success stories for our blog, if you’re proud of your fitness journey get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – or visit our contact page.

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