TuffStuff Fitness International Has Arrived!

From humble beginnings, to one of the fitness industry’s largest American production lines, TuffStuff Fitness International’s fantastic range of products have finally arrived in the UK, exclusively at Fitness Superstore!

TuffStuff Fitness International


Originating as a small, family-owned company, TuffStuff Fitness International now operates from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chino, California. They remain the only fitness company in the United States with the capability to manufacture any product they sell. This remarkable capability means they are still able to produce and supply parts for customers who purchased their equipment way back in 1974!


TuffStuff are pioneers within the home strength market, following their creation of the world’s first home gym system in 1971. They have since fine-tuned their products, enabling them to provide a leading fitness range in today’s market.



Give yourself the best of both worlds with the TuffStuff range, merging popular functional training with traditional press arm and leg stations. Make your whole body stronger by hitting various muscle groups on the versatile SXT-550 and AXT-225R Home Gyms.

TuffStuff SXT-550 Hybrid Home Gym


Utilise TuffStuff’s compact design and make the most of your workout space. The CXT-200 Core Multi-Functional Trainer, for example, fits neatly into the corner and boasts an open frame meaning easy access and allows you to add a bench, stability board or a BOSU ball.

TuffStuff CXT-200 Core Multi-Functional Trainer


Enhance and expand your home gym with TuffStuff’s range of attachments designed to accompany their main products. Including Leg Press, Curl station and Smith Press attachments, TuffStuff have your entire workout covered.

TuffStuff SXT-550 Leg Press only


The emphasis with TuffStuff is definitely on its one-of-a-kind manufacturing process – they don’t want users to worry about machines’ failures and breakdowns. This means TuffStuff only use materials of the highest quality which ensures that, even under heavy usage, they are strong and durable enough to last you a long time.

Find out more about the TuffStuff range here, or visit us at your nearest Fitness Superstore to speak to our experts and try the products for yourself!

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