July 30th is International Friendship Day!

One of the best motivational techniques when it comes to keeping fit and staying in a routine is to train with a friend. When there’s someone there alongside you, you’ll find it easier to keep yourself accountable, pushing yourself further than when you train solo. So, what better way to celebrate International Friendship Day than by exercising with a partner? Here are five suggestions for exercises you could do with a friend…

Leg Throw-Down

Lie down on your back with your partner standing at your head. Hold on to their ankles to keep yourself steady throughout the movement. Swing your legs up, hinging at the waist, so that they’re at 90° to your torso and your feet are pointing towards the ceiling. Your partner will then grab your feet and throw them back down towards the floor. Engage your core to keep them from touching the ground, and lift your legs back up to repeat the movement.


No, we’re not talking about beating each other to a pulp. Have one person strap on the gloves, the other donning mitts, and practice sparring, alternating between punch combinations. Going all out for 20 to 30 seconds spikes your heart rate, and will torch calories fast. Not sure if boxing’s for you? We blogged about why you should pick it up!

Pistol Squats

Standing to face each other, grasp hands with your friend. Using each other as balance, squat down with your weight on a single leg, extending the other out in front of you. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the squat, both stand at the same time to complete one rep.

Russian Twists

Sit on the floor next to your partner, lean back slightly and raise your legs off the ground. Holding a medicine ball to your chest, rotate away from your partner, back to the middle, then towards your friend. At this point, pass the ball to your partner for them to complete the same movement.

Press-Up High Five

Have yourself and your partner get into the press up position directly opposite each other. You’ll each perform a press-up at the same time, keeping your core tight and legs straight. Return to the top, then lift your right hand and give your partner a high five. Repeat as many times as you can, alternating arms each time.

There you go, five exercises that you can do with a friend to celebrate International Friendship Day! Make sure you bring someone along to your next gym session to give some of these moves a try.