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  1. 5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier Summer

    5 Easy Ways to Have a Healthier Summer
    Summer is looming and with the weather hotting up recently, it’s got us all thinking about BBQs, summer holidays, and refreshing drinks in the pub garden. While summer of course has its unhealthy luxuries, such as stacks of ice cream and flowing cocktails, the warmer season actually brings countless opportunities to make a healthy choice – and not ones that
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  2. Fitness Superstore at the Ideal Home Show Manchester

    Fitness Superstore at the Ideal Home Show Manchester
    The Ideal Home Show is arriving in Manchester next week, and like in London, we’ll be exhibiting! We can’t wait to show off our incredible home fitness equipment, covering everything from state of the art cardio machines to bestselling strength training machines. The show gets underway on Thursday 8th June and runs until Sunday 11th June, so if you’re looking to upgrade
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  3. The 7 Stages of a Fitness Newbie

    The 7 Stages of a Fitness Newbie
    New to fitness? There are few stages that you'll encounter before you get fully into the swing of things and officially become part of the "fitness crowd". Don't sweat it though, everyone was a beginner once! Stage One: The surge of motivation Its day one, and you’re ready. No, you’re more than ready. You were born to work out and you’ve only
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  4. Fitness Jargon Buster

    Fitness Jargon Buster
    Do you know your HIIT from your DOMS? Your aerobic from your anaerobic? With new training methods and workout crazes being invented all the time, it can be hard to keep up with it all. We thought we’d pull together all the fitness-related terminology we could think of and set it out in one handy place, here on the blog.
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  5. 7 Ways to Boost Your Fitness

    7 Ways to Boost Your Fitness
    It’s common to hit a wall when it comes to training, and even the best of the best struggle with this, but before throwing in the towel there are seven things you need to re-evaluate. Get more sleep If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re going to struggle with that 6am alarm – or finding the energy to hit the weights after
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  6. 4 HIIT Workouts You'll Love

    4 HIIT Workouts You'll Love
    What better way to mix up your training than by adding a few HIIT sessions to your regime? HIIT, otherwise known as High Intensity Interval Training, is a type of cardio which is known for getting your heart racing and burning through fat. The best thing? HIIT workouts are so intense that they’re designed to be relatively short, so you
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  7. Keeping Fit on Holiday

    Keeping Fit on Holiday
    A holiday is to relax, isn’t it? Of course! But that doesn't mean that the progress you've spent months or perhaps even years making needs to suffer. Over-indulging and falling out of sync with your workout routine is bound to happen at some point, and so it should, but there's a way that you can plan your break so that
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  8. How Exercise Can Help Mental Health

    How Exercise Can Help Mental Health
    We love to talk about how fitness can help your weight, body shape and physical health, but it doesn’t stop there. You may or may not know that exercise is actually a great way to improve mental health, and seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, we figured what better time to talk about the impact that it can make
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  9. A Guide to Suspension Training

    A Guide to Suspension Training
    Perhaps you’ve seen these black-strapped contraptions hoisted up at your gym, come across them when browsing fitness equipment online, or you vaguely recall hearing something about them a year or so ago when they started featuring on every list of fitness buzzwords in the Western world. Perhaps you took a look at these fairly simple looking fitness tools and thought
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  10. Our Top Picks: The Fitness Equipment We Couldn’t Live Without

    Our Top Picks: The Fitness Equipment We Couldn’t Live Without
    Like anything in life, when it comes to our fitness regime, we all enjoy different things and do things in different ways. Each of us has that one piece of fitness equipment we couldn’t live without! We asked our fitness-savvy staff at FS HQ and in store which piece of fitness equipment they can’t get enough of… Tris, Customer Support “My favourite
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