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  1. Press Release: National Strongwoman Event 2016

    Press Release: National Strongwoman Event 2016
    For the third consecutive year, Northampton is playing host to the biggest strongwoman title in the country, Britain’s Strongest Woman. The athletes have all qualified for the event at national events held in England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, and now the strongest ladies in the country will battle it out over six gruelling events to test strength, speed, power and
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  2. Why the Olympics are the Ultimate Motivation

    Why the Olympics are the Ultimate Motivation
    Whether you’ve been watching the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio or not, there’s no escaping the constantly evolving news of the latest medal wins, defeats and of course – that bizarre green diving pool. Aside from celebrating the success of Team GB so far, because six medals in one day is pretty fantastic, there’s actually a lot of inspiration and
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  3. The Ultimate Olympic Wish List

    The Ultimate Olympic Wish List
    With the 2016 Olympic Games kicking off this Friday in Rio, we thought we’d share 10 of our top Olympic products with you! OLYMPIC BARS Jordan Fitness 7ft Ultimate Men’s Bar Our solid 20kg 7ft Ultimate Men’s Bar from Jordan Fitness is complete with a hardened chrome finish and 8 needle bearings. Tested to 1500lbs/750kgs, this bar is ideal for heavy
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  4. The 80:20 Rule

    The 80:20 Rule
    Fad diets are just about everywhere. Books, television, social media, you name it, these diets are being advertised as though they’re going out of fashion – which slowly but surely, they are. Now, eating intuitively is becoming a far more popular trend for those trying to earn themselves a healthy lifestyle. More specifically, the 80:20 rule. This way of eating
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  5. How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau

    How to Overcome an Exercise Plateau
    As PT Carly Yue explained in our last blog post, an exercise routine that becomes boring or less challening can lead to an exercise plateau. If you feel as though you've hit a wall with your workouts, Carly's 13 top tips will help you to overcome the phase you're in and give your routine that much needed boost... Invest in a personal trainer This
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  6. How to Tell If You’re In an Exercise Plateau

    How to Tell If You’re In an Exercise Plateau
    Exercise plateaus are incredibly common. In fact, most people are in one without even realising! So, how can you tell if you’re in a plateau? PT Carly Yue gives us the lowdown… You don't look any different If you haven't made any muscle gains or lost weight, whichever is your goal, it’s a sign that you ought to change up either your
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  7. 3 Reasons You’re Bored of Working Out

    3 Reasons You’re Bored of Working Out
    Exercising, while tough, is great at the beginning. You’re full of motivation, you’re full of anticipation to see what you’re capable of as your endurance improves, and you’re excited about what you could achieve in the long run. For many, that ‘feeling’ has a time limit, and soon you’ll find yourself using excuses like “I need to wash my hair”
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  8. 4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

    4 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake
    Sugary treats are what we all crave, whether we like to admit it or not, but overcoming that lust for something sweet isn’t an easy job. While studies suggest that you avoid cutting it completely, simply limiting your daily supply is enough to significantly aid your health. So, what can you do to tackle this head on? FILL UP ON THE
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  9. 12 Minute #Euros2016 HIIT Session

    12 Minute #Euros2016 HIIT Session
    With the 2016 Euro Championships now in full swing (plus a cheeky win for England in Thursday’s game!) you may be feeling as though you’ve ever so slightly over indulged in beer, snacks and take-out food. Are we right? To help you feel as though you could run around the pitch with the players, we’ve put together the perfect football
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  10. COMPETITION: Guess the #Euros2016 Champion!

    COMPETITION: Guess the #Euros2016 Champion!
    In honour of the Euro 2016 Championships, we have an exciting new competition! The Rules Simply send us your prediction of the overall winning team via Facebook, Twitter or email at [email protected]. Those who choose the winning team will be automatically entered into prize draw, and the winner will then be picked at random! So, What's the Prize? Body Power 20Kg Spinlock Dumbbell Set With
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