Adjustable dumbbells help to solve two problems that most home gym owners face: space and budget. Taking away the need to purchase a rack and multiple sets of fixed weights, adjustable dumbbells consolidate an entire range of dumbbells into one compact design. For this reason, Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells are quickly becoming a staple in many home gyms and are making a huge impact in the fitness world. Their versatility and space-saving frame helps users to designate a larger area to performing workouts, whilst also freeing up room for more equipment - what’s not to like?

5 reasons why your home gym needs the Bowflex 2-24kg SelectTech Dumbbells

Space-Saving Design

Unfortunately, we don’t all have a commercial gym in our back garden; therefore, space can be an issue when buying fitness equipment. The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells eliminate the need to allocate a large area of your home gym to multiple pairs of dumbbells and a bulky rack. Instead, the Bowflex weights can be neatly tucked away when you are not using them. Plus, when paired with the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand, you can easily keep your weights on show and within reach.

Easy to Adjust

No one wants to spend their precious gym time setting up their next exercise, especially if you’re in a rush. That’s where the SelectTechs really excel! They take no longer than a few seconds to swap between the different weight settings, meaning that you are always ready for your next set.  A quick turn of the dial allows you to automatically change your resistance across 15 settings, up to a maximum of 24kg per dumbbell.

Lower Price, More Versatility

When working out, it is useful to use a variety of different weights, especially when swapping between different exercises. Let’s not forget, certain muscle groups are stronger than others. Yet, as you may know, purchasing traditional dumbbells in different weight increments can become pricey. With the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells you get a greater assortment of weights, for a cheaper price!

Top Connectivity

The handy Bowflex SelectTech App (available for iOS and Android users) allows you to track workouts. It also comes equipped with 30 exercises and 80 variations, making training effective and efficient for all fitness abilities. No matter if you’re on day 1 of your fitness journey, or day 100, this free app will help you achieve the best results with no repeats, and no boredom.

Unmatched Quality

Bowflex do not cut corners where quality is involved, a fact that’s clearly evident in their entire product range. Featuring durable moulding around the metal plates, these dumbbells are not only hard-wearing, but provide a smooth lift off and uninterrupted use. This also removes the clanging of metal, so you can enjoy more peaceful workout, allowing you to focus on your fitness goals.

Still not sure if adjustable dumbbells are the right addition to your home strength training area? Don’t worry, just head along to your nearest Fitness Superstore where you can get to grips with the entire Bowflex SelectTech range before you purchase. And if you’ve got any questions, our in-store team are on-hand with their expert advice and guidance!