Success Story: How Barbara Swapped Takeaways for Triathlons and Lost 3 Stone

Determined to feel comfortable in her clothes, Barbara Wootton set out on a fitness mission. A healthier diet, intense training, one 5k, two 10ks, four half marathons, three triathlons and an incredible minus three stone and three dress sizes later – Barbara is feeling healthier, stronger and more motivated than ever…


Barbara Wootton, Before and After!

  1. What inspired you to make a change?

I had got myself into a rut and developed bad eating habits. The moment that changed everything was when I bought something special to wear for Christmas earlier in the year. When it came to Christmas Day the dress wouldn’t fit and I just remember sobbing. Reality had finally kicked in and it was time for a change!

  1. What were your original goals when you started?

At my heaviest I weighed 12st 6lbs and was wearing size 16 clothes. My goal was to lose a stone and start some form of exercise.

  1. Can you describe your old self before your transformation?

I saw exercise as a chore and I had no motivation. When I got home from work I would rather sit on my sofa and order a takeaway than go for a run or cook from scratch.

  1. How did you go about your transformation?

I had tried various diets in the past but they were either too confusing or I was always hungry and lost interest. This time was different; I was committed to making a change so I put all the junk food in the bin and replaced items with healthier alternatives. I also bought a pair of trainers and joined a gym.

  1. Did you seek advice from anyone anywhere?

A friend of mine recommended MK Trainer so I gave them a call and arranged a consultation. I met with Andy who put me at ease straight away. He talked me through structured personal training sessions, ongoing support and a healthy eating plan – I was sold!

My first training session with Andy was tough but I knew if anyone was going to help me with my weight loss, he would. I still remember aching for four days after the session, but inside I knew I had taken the first step to a healthier me!

  1. How has your fitness regime changed over time?

When I first started I would exercise once a week. How things have changed! A typical week would be training up to 5 days a week. I attend a mixture of classes consisting of high intensity cardio, boxercise and bootcamp – it’s fun to work out with likeminded people! I also mix this up with running and swimming, and I still continue my personal training sessions with Andy. Every session is different and I never know what’s coming, but that’s what keeps me motivated.

My eating habits have also completely changed. By following a simple meal plan I have lost approximately 3 stone and am now a healthy size 10.

  1. Have you participated in any sporting/fitness events recently?

I ran my first 5k 2 years ago. Since then I have completed two 10ks, four half marathons and three triathlons.

My recent achievements were completing my last half marathon in 2 hours and smashing my previous time in my third triathlon.


Barbara Wootton, Taking Part in the Woburn Tri

  1. How did you train for your sporting/fitness events?

I trained by myself and with Andy from MK Trainer. Andy keeps our classes and our one-to-one sessions varied so that I don’t get bored. He will focus on targeting different muscle groups too, as well as focusing on increasing my running speed and building muscle through strength training.

 Where do you get your motivation from?

My motivation comes from constantly challenging myself and finding new challenges to overcome. I still get a buzz from buying clothes which 2 years ago I could never have imagined fitting into. Without the support of my husband, trainer and friends, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have so far. It’s made me the person I am today.

  1. What’s next for you?

My goals for this year are to run in a local 20 mile event, run my first marathon and enter my first Half Iron Man.

Barbara Wootton, Taking Part in a Half Marathon

Barbara Wootton, Taking Part in a Half Marathon

Do YOU have a fitness success story?

Have you transformed your health and fitness like Barbara, or perhaps you’re super fit and training for a new goal? If you’d like to shout about your success, please comment below, email the Editor or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

Please ensure you consult your doctor and receive the relevant advice before making a radical change to your diet and exercise. View diet and calorie advice from the NHS.

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