First and foremost, Happy New Year! Whether you're back at work already, or enjoying a few extra days of rest and relaxation, 2017 is well and truly upon us. Now you may be familiar with the common phrase "New Year, New Me" that circulates every January. Well, for us it's a case of "New Year, New Blog"! With a new, fresh design in place, our posts covering everything from fitness and training, to nutrition and recipes, to tips and advice are now easier than ever to find, read and share. Looking for something in particular? Search our 'categories' tab! Looking to find out a bit more about the brand behind the blog? Search our 'about' page! Looking to follow us on social media? Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google+ icons are found on every page, so you never have to miss a status update or tweet.

We hope you enjoy our new blog, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! On that note, we'd like to wish you a wonderful year ahead. Here's to health, happiness, and of course - fitness!

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